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Case Studies:


Situation: A small start-up event production firm needed a new name, which encompassed their ideal brand offering, while also conveying their product attributes (local, organic, movable, farm/city dinners and events).

Approach: We conducted a down and dirty Competitive, Brand and Consumer Insight review, and a subsequent Brainstorming Session. We identified a hot list of potential name ideas, and then prioritized the choices based on established criteria. We conducted a Competitive Market Scan/Copyright Review, and presented findings to the Founder.

Outcome : Name Selected: Pitchfork Productions


Situation: A major international market research firm needed short marketplace observations written to ladder up to consumer and marketplace trends for their internal client base.

Approach: We conducted market scans of various publications, observed market dynamics and walked the streets in search of observable phenomena which laddered up to established trends of note.

Outcome: Observations were written and published. Examples include: Virtual Design, Frozen in Time, Travel Tweeting.


Situation: A major industrial supplier needed to understand their current market perceptions, sales channel bottlenecks and dependencies, and competitor/self positioning relative to their established brand offering and sales strategy.

Approach: After extensive document review/volume analysis, we conducted several rounds of internal interviews (one on ones) to understand their channel strategy and dynamics, brand perceptions, and other issues. Focus Groups were conducted to understand channel dynamics and customer issues (across several regions, customer groups and category influencers, as well as product types). An in-depth competitive analysis was conducted, using user interviews and marketing materials. Ethnographic field research was conducted to identify issues/concerns and opportunities with the product and purchase cycle, including branding/identification, selection/purchase, delivery, storage, installation, usage and maintenance.

Outcome: Marketing/sales strategy was refined. Research results were used in future new product development, innovation sessions and branding and future sales support/channel strategies, including altering current marketing/channel management efforts. Customer satisfaction increased.